Data Import Requirements

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Sending files to Computool :-

  1. WinZip or RAR compressed files, attached to email

Data files in general:-

  1. In the Case of IGES data: if the component/assembly consists of several smaller parts then a number of separate small files representing each part would be preferable to one large file.
    Alternatively, divide the part using levels or layers.
  2. In order to keep the size of the data files to a minimum it is preferable not to include any
    unwanted details/geometry in the file.
  3. To check the integrity of the part, it is useful to have some form of hard copy.

Data Format - in order of preference :-

  1. SolidWorks parts or assembly (up to SW2010)
  2. Parasolid parts or assembly
  3. STEP
  4. IGES surfaces or solids
  5. VDA-FS surfaces
  6. 3D IGES wire frame
  7. 3D VDA-FS wire frame
  8. STL
  9. 2D AutoCAD (.dwg) - R12, R13, R14 & 2000
  10. 2D DXF
  11. 2D IGES
  12. 2D hard copy
  13. Actual parts that require probe digitising or laser scanning

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