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3D Surface & Solid Modelling
Solidworks 3D CAD models and assemblies can be generated from:- 2D hard copy drawings or sketches, original parts or models (which may require digitizing), 2D or 3D electronic data.Some example of past projects are shown below, all of which have been designed and modelled to suit the method of manufacture.
Tooling models
Customer supplied 3D models of components can be converted into mould cavities, with other tooling requirements added i.e split surfaces, sliding cores, side actions etc. Any necessary electrodes can then be extracted. These models can then be used to generate cutter paths. Models can be returned to the customer in a variety of 3D formats.

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Customer supplied 3D CAD model
Tool FH cavity & split surfaces Extracted cavity electrode
Product Design
A few examples of surface & solid CAD models of products generated from conceptual sketches, photographs or hand made prototypes. Models designed to include the required characteristics for the chosen method of manufacture e.g : Plastic injection mould tools, vacuum form tools, drop-forging dies. Models can be returned to the customer in a variety of 3D formats, as STL prototypes, in 2D format (to assist in tool design), and can be supplied with 2D fully dimensioned drawings.

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Vacuum formed R/C model truck body from photographs
Cast wheel bracket from 2D DXF drawing Injection Moulded brackets from hand-made conceptual prototype
Carburettor manifold casting from 2D paper drawing 2D dimensioned drawing supplied with 3D model
Injection moulded parts from hand-made conceptual prototype Exploded Valve assembly
Complete Guitar Assembly designed from scratch Carb Assy - 1936 repro,with many new parts
Scale model of spoked wheel from actual part Drop forged link from 2D paper drawings
Footrest assembly, with steelwork from concept drawings Footrest assembly 2D drawing
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